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Cosmetic bonding to reshape canine teeth and improve symmetry

September 24, 2020

Pt before cosmetic bonding at Elmsleigh House Dental ClinicMrs P wanted to improve the look of her smile. Her upper incisors had always been missing, which are the most common teeth to be congenitally missing other than wisdom teeth, and she wanted to improve the symmetry of her smile. She saw Cathleen Perrin at Elmsleigh House for a free cosmetic consultation. Cathleen discussed cosmetic bonding to reshape the existing canines to look more like incisors, and showed Mrs P photographs of patients who had had similar treatment. Cathleen also discussed making her two front teeth a bit longer where the edges had worn due to the misalignment of her teeth, which had resulted in differential wear making them thin on the edges and sometimes different lengths.


Cathleen sent Mrs P a treatment plan letter summarising their discussion and all costs involved. Mrs P was very happy to proceed with treatment, and booked in to see Cathleen for cosmetic edge bonding and contouring to improve her smile. Cathleen asked her to return for a review appointment to ensure they were both happy with the result and to complete some additional polishing.


Patient after cosmetic bonding and teeth reshaping at Elmsleigh HouseMrs P was delighted with the finished result, and returned to have impressions taken of her newly shaped teeth to make new teeth whitening trays that would fit precisely so that she could maintain the whiter shade she preferred.


At Elmsleigh House, all of our dentists want their patients to be happy with their treatment, but also want themselves to be happy with the finished result as well, ensuring the best outcome possible.


From cosmetic bonding and teeth reshaping, teeth whitening and straightening to gum contouring, our Farnham dentists offer an extensive range of cosmetic dental treatments to ensure our patients are happy with their teeth and smile. 


Cosmetic dentistry Elmsleigh House Dental ClinicClick to read our cosmetic dentistry brochure to find out more about the treatments we offer. Because Every Smile is Unique.


To book a free cosmetic consultation with our Farnham dentists, call the friendly Welcome Team on 01252 713797 or contact us online.


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